Publishing digital tools

This week, we are looking at using digital tools to do different kinds of writing. The first task is to compose a digital poster/magazine/brochure to summarize text (and video). We took a look at the “Digital Learning Day: Round up”webpage from Edutopia. With the information shared there, we were supposed to summarize some of it and compose a digital brochure/newspaper article, etc. I composed a brochure using the “ReadThinkWrite” interactive tool. Here’s a screenshot of my attempt for this task

My attempt at using ReadThinkWrite to summarize the text

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attach an image to this tool for some strange reason. I would suggest that if anyone’s planning to use it, to make sure students write on this tool and don’t use Word for their draft instead. That’s what I did and found it extremely hard to copy-paste and have a decent layout.


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