Examples of using presentation tools in the classroom (Week 1-task 5)

Think of how you could use one of these tools with your students.
I could use animoto  with any of my English classes to reflect on the main ideas of any text we are studying.
They could:

  1. Choose pictures from Flickr creative commons and make up their own “reflection” collage in animoto.
  2. Add up music that reflects how they feel about the text.
  3. Write a short reflection statement on it. Other students can also comment on their presentation and give further insight to enrich it.
  4. Another possible idea is to create movie trails for texts as an alternative to imovie or windows movie maker (just using pictures/no video)

As a teacher, I could use Animoto to:

  1. Present lesson ideas/contents at the beginning of a unit.
  2. Summarize ideas at the end of a unit.
Other tools:
About.me, Flavors.me are other tools that could be used for an “All about me” unit such an Autobiography- Biography unit such as this popular one.
I would use Prezi only as a tool that facilitates sharing of knowledge gained at the end of a unit.

Time frame:
It would depend if I use this tool for a mere introduction or as a presentation tool which would mean students would have been studying a topic for 4 or more weeks before presenting their findings/learning using this tool.


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  1. Viviana,

    Great to see that you’re already considering the many possibilities with the tools we worked with on week 1.

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