Welcome to my EVO 2012 blog!

One of the beautiful Australian beaches.

Hi Everyone. This is my first EVO and I’m so much looking forward to learning about new digital tools to enhance my classroom practice. I’m an English teacher in Sunny Sydney, Australia. Here’s a short presentation about me that I have made using Sliderocket.

My daugthers’ holiday digital stories

Daniella's story


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  1. Very interesting , I hope that I would be able to reach your standard

    • hey thanks for commenting! WordPress requires a bit of trial and error but the end product is great. I thought about using posterous, but it seems it’s more suitable for simple picture and word posts, nothing fancy. I’ll see how I go with WordPress, I used to have a blog years ago in this platform so I should give it a go again. Cheers!

  2. Dear Viviana, what a beautifully designed WordPress to keep everything from our session aggregated! Loved it!

    • Thanks Carla for stopping by! I’ll keep adding stuff, thinking about a livebinders link with all the tools you give us divided into categories for use in the classroom. See how I go! Cheers!

  3. Dear Viviana,
    Fantastic blog and presentation!
    Looking forwards to learn more about you, your activities, your ideas and your lovely family!

    Thanks for joining us and staying with us in this absolutely nice and friendly community.

    Nina Lyulkun,
    digitools co-moderator

  4. Hi Vivian,
    your blog is really nice blog and your teaching tips very interesting.

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